Wind Turbine Filming & Aerial Photography

Topwind are one of the leading wind turbine manufacturers in Europe and last year they asked us to film one of their incredible Venta V66 turbines being erected at the Pen y Fan industrial estate in Blackwood, South Wales.
The turbine was to be delivered in sections to the site during the week and we were to film the engineers building the structure over the weekend. The first thing that strikes you when you get up close to one of these turbines is the sheer size. Yes they do look impressive on the side of a hill when you look from a distance but when you actually stand alongside one they are just colossal.
To give you an idea of scale, the Nacell is the section that holds the motor and is the large, almost rectangular section to which the blades are connected. This section is more than 56 tonnes alone and is the size of a London Bus. The blades weigh in at over 30 tonnes each.

We were asked to create a promotional film that demonstrated the impressive work of the engineers. Showing the immense task they were undertaking to make sure the turbine was erected in the 48 hours available on the weekend.

If you would like to learn more about Topwind, their website can be found here:

Here are is the promotional video that we created for them

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