Golf Hole Fly Overs & Aerial Filming

Incredible hole-by-hole aerial videos showcasing your golf course and club


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Golf Course Aerial Filming

Using the very latest drone technology, Aerial Photography Wales can create beautiful golf fly overs for your course. Integrated directly into your website or hosted on our servers, the 4k Ultra High Definition films add an incredible dimension to your golf course profile.
Golf hole fly overs have traditionally been reserved for golf courses hosting the top events. They are created by high end media companies and filmed using helicopters. Drones are now dramatically reducing the production costs for golf flyover videos and making them more accessible for every golf course.

All of our pilots and photographers are also golfers and this helps us plan and create the perfect golf fly over for you golf club. They understand golf course etiquette and always strive to ensure that the aerial filming is done as unobtrusively as possible. They can also write the perfect script for the professional voice over artists that will compliment your golf fly over.

As well as hole by hole flyovers why not speak to us about a video showcase for your golf club. We can create a professional promotional video that will show the world your facilities and events.
If you have a restaurant or wedding venue as part of your club we can include this in the promotional video and add this to your website and social media pages. YouTube is now a huge part of media advertising and having a professionally edited showreel for your business can drive visitors to your website and ultimately your golf club.

If you would like to speak to us, feel free to contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

As well as the golf course aerial filming, Aerial Photography Wales will product a personalised iPhone app for your golf course. It can be customised to suit your requirements and show your own branding and golf course information.
All of the golf hole aerial films will be installed to the user’s phone when installing the app giving them the opportunity to view the ‘flyovers’ of each hole before they visit your golf course.

You can also use the built in calendar section of the app to give your members or visitors an instantly accessible diary of events. These events can be added via your own secure online portal and easily modified.

If you would like to add even more features to your iPhone app, feel free to talk to us. We have a team of dedicated programmers that can work with you to come up with the perfect mobile solution for your golf club. We can build in features that will compliment your website and even create an interface that will work in unison with your existing website’s functionality.

The app will be submitted to the App Store for you and we will create links and images for your website so that the app can be easily found. If you already have a dedicated app for your golf course, the golf course aerial films app can sit alongside it and add to your digital media presence.

Golf Course Aerial Filming App

High Definition Films

All of our films are recorded in Ultra High Definition. This will showcase every detail of your golf course in incredible detail. Our 4k cameras are at the cutting edge of aerial filming technology.

Professional Voice Over

All of our videos are supplied with a voice over commentary. Recorded in a state of the art recording studio by professional voice over artists. We will work with you to write the perfect script that will compliment each hole of your golf course and demonstrate your local knowledge.

Covering the U.K.

Based in Wales we cover the whole of the U.K. We have also filmed in many European countries. If you would like to get in touch to discuss your aerial filming requirements, please feel free to get in touch.

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