About Us

At Aerial Photography Wales we are pioneering the latest aerial photography techniques. This enables us to capture incredible images from previously inaccessible locations. Using unmanned drones to carry high resolution cameras, we can fly quickly, safely and cheaply into any desired location.
During a typical 20 minute flight we can capture hundreds of images from multiple angles. Our FPV (First Person View) setup allows us to see what the drone sees and fly to the ideal location for the perfectly composed photograph or video clip.

The applications for drones are endless and we are never surprised when a new customer comes in with an unusual request. We have used them for everything from surveying chimneys to locating stranded sheep. Because of their versatility, drones are quickly changing the way we capture images of our businesses, properties and events.

If you have a building development project, why not take advantage of our monthly image plans? We can take a photograph of your building or development at regular monthly intervals, then combine them into a time-lapse montage when the project is finished. This really is the perfect way to showcase your development and the final images will be available for your marketing material or simply used as a keepsake.

If you would like to speak to us, feel free to contact us and we’ll be in touch. Alternatively, call 07590 551042 for an informal chat.

We are based in South Wales and cover Wales and the West. Including Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, Swansea and Gloucester.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our Drones really have to be seen to be appreciated. They are the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and at the leading edge of technology

High Resolution Images

All the images we take are supplied to the customer in full-resolution, with a complete print license.

High Definition Video

All of our cameras film in full 1080p video. We also have Ultra HD 4k cameras for the ultimate in resolution.


We understand that the weather in the UK can sometimes hamper a flight. We don’t charge extra for re-arranged bookings.

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