Aerial Roof Surveys and Building Inspection

Fast and efficient Industrial inspections using unmanned drones
Aerial Roof Surveying

Aerial Roof Surveys


Using the latest unmanned drone technology we can carry out roof surveys quickly and efficiently. Without the need to hire expensive ‘Cherry Pickers’ surveyors are commissioning Aerial Photography Wales to carry out their difficult and often dangerous roof surveys


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Aerial Industrial Inspections


Industrial inspections are often costly and definitely time consuming. By using drones with high resolution cameras we can capture aerial images and video of industrial buildings. You would receive all of the images and footage on a DVD with full copyright.


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Live video feed


All of our aerial aircraft have monitors that allow the camera operator to see what the camera is seeing. If you would like to work closely with us to direct the photoshoot, we can ensure we get exactly the images you require.


Covering Wales and the UK.

We have a team of pilots that carry out aerial surveys throughout Wales and the UK. Before every commission we conduct both offsite and onsite safety assessments to ensure that every regulation set out by the Civil Aviation Authority is adhered to.

All of our pilots are approved by the CAA and have their ‘Permission for Aerial Work’ certificate which allows them to fly unmanned drones professionally.

A typical roof survey would involve multiple flights with a view to capturing every detail set out in the client’s brief. If you have an aerial surveying requitement, please contact us and we will be in touch for a no obligation chat.


Our Drones and Aerial Cameras

We have a number of drones, each with different flight capabilities. Every image that we capture is supplied to the customer in full resolution and with full copyright.
Our cameras are capable of filming in 4k and this means we are able to capture incredible detail during each roof survey or building inspection. If you would like to see more examples of our work. Please get in touch and we will be happy to demonstrate our equipment.


If you make a booking with us and the weather dictates that we have to re-arrange, we always ensure that we work with you to re-book the photography session. There isn’t a charge for a delayed session.

Health and Safety

We understand that health and safety is of paramount importance when conducting building inspections or roof surveys. We always work closely with the customer and to their safety guidelines.


Available immediately

We always have our aircraft maintained to the highest standard and they are ready to fly at a moment’s notice. If you have an urgent requirement for an aerial photography work, feel free to get in touch and we will work to your schedule.


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For aerial roof surveys, industrial inspections or building inspections in Wales, please Contact us now!


Duffryn Springs Cardiff, South Wales
Cardiff Bay and Penarth Marina, South Wales
Whitchurch Golf Club, Cardiff


Commissions for Wales and the UK.

Most of our pilots and photographers live in South Wales and we cover this area without any charge for mileage. If, however you have a requirement for a commission outside of this area, please contact us and we are happy to travel.

We have also built up a network of aerial roof surveying partners as well as aerial building inspection experts around the UK. If we need to put you in touch with an aerial photographer that is nearer to you, get in touch and we’ll be glad to help,