How to get around Pressure sales

We had a phone call a few days ago from a lady who was very upset, she’d been sold an aerial photograph of her home. The gentleman had knocked her door and had been trying to sell it to her and didn’t leave until he had made the sale. She didn’t want the photo, she just wanted the gentleman to leave her alone. She ended up paying him £60 for something she didn’t need or want, before searching aerial photographers and contacting ourselves. We DON’T sell like this we have our own online shop for you to look at, there will never be a knock at the door from us.

Have you ever felt pressured into buying something you didn’t really want? Salespeople use a range of tactics to persuade you to part with your cash. However, you don’t have to give in to their sales pitch if you don’t want the item or need more time to think about the offer then just tell them this.

Things to listen out for to know its pressure sales:

‘Our product is the real deal’

To get you to buy from them, salespeople will tell you why their product is better than others. They may show you data or statistics to back their claim. Don’t take only their word for it, no matter how convincing their argument sounds. Do your own research.

‘This is a one-time offer only’

You may be told that the offer is for ‘today only’ or that there are only a limited number of items available, and if you don’t pay now you will miss out. Don’t fall into this trap – take all the time you need to research and compare products before you pay out. Ask them to come back at a better time after you’ve considered their company.

Dealing with salespeople at your Door

Things you can do to help yourself:

‘Check who they are’

There’s certain information they must give you when trying to sell to you. Ask for a business name, contact details and address or even their I.D badge.

‘Ask for time to think’

If they are a proper company that understand customer needs they’ll understand. Ask for more time- say you want some time to think over the offer and keep repeating your request until they agree. Take down their name and contact details and say you will be in touch if you have any questions or when you have decided what to do.

‘Not written on paper, not worth it’

Get everything in writing before you sign up. Make sure any verbal promises are written into a contract or agreement to avoid disputes in the future.

‘Put a ‘no cold calling’ sticker on your door’

there are stickers you can get from your local police station to put in your front window or even on your front door. These stickers will say “Cold callers, Not welcome”.

‘Quiet areas’

Some places in Torfaen that have an older community base and selected streets are labelled as a no cold calling zone

Here a link to Setting up a “No Cold Calling” Zone from the BBC.

Follow this link to to understand what they need to give or tell you before selling to you.


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Quiet zones to avoid pressure sales

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