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Coleg Gwent Virtual Tour

Recently we were asked by our local colege, Coleg Gwent to create a virtual tour of their five campuses located in South Wales. The idea was to give prospective students the opportunity to view their facilities remotely and let them browse the campuses before they visited the sites. Little did we know at the time how important this service was to become.

With the global pandemic arriving in early 2020 and with it the necessary social distancing rules, Coleg Gwent was forced to close its doors and all open days, taster days and campus visits were postponed until the safety measures are lifted. As a result, the Coleg Gwent Virtual Tour became a vital tool to the marketing team when dealing with prospective students.

The College can now show potential new students every detail of its facilities from classrooms, workshops, sports facilities and even parking spots. The virtual tour allows the user to view full 360° high resolution photographs that are fully interactive. They allow the user to ‘walk’ around the College and experience the campus in incredible detail.

For an even greater immersive experience the virtual tours are fully compatible with VR Headsets. We have found that this is especially popular amongst users with special needs. The user can walk around the campus and familiarize themselves with the layout of each site and this eliminates the stress that a new environment can create.

Aerial Photography Wales doesn’t use 360° cameras, we manually create the images using high resolution DSLR cameras. That way we can create 360 degree images that are massively more detailed than that of our competitors. The photographs are stitched into images that can be over a thousand megapixels in size. The level of detail offered is literally breathtaking. For Coleg Gwent we captured over 250 images to create the five campus tours.

If you are interested in creating a virtual tour for your business or organization we can offer a free consultation and even a demonstration tour. We would visit your site and capture some test images so that you can see the quality of images at a location of your choice. VR Headsets can also be supplied for the full interactive experience. 

If you would like to view the Coleg Gwent Virtual Tour, please click the images below. Be sure to view in full screen for the best experience.

City of Newport Campus – Virtual Tour

Blaenau Gwent Learning Zone – Virtual Tour

Crosskeys Campus – Virtual Tour

Pontypool Campus – Virtual Tour

Usk Campus – Virtual Tour

Coleg Gwent Virtual Tour
Coleg Gwent 360 Virtual Tour