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Stunning Aerial Photography and Video

We use the very latest unmanned aerial vehicles or ‘Drones’ to capture incredible aerial images and videos. Drones can go places that just wouldn’t be accessible by any other means. Without the prohibitive cost of hiring a helicopter and pilot.

Due to their size they can fly closer to buildings, quickly and quietly at a fraction of the cost of more traditional methods. The applications are endless and we are currently being booked for site surveys, time lapse building development, sporting events, roof surveys and weddings.

If you would like to work with us on a project, feel free to Contact Us now. Or call 07590 551042. We will explain how we work and if needed, help you through the booking process.

Promotional Films

Professionally edited promotional films for your business or organisation

Property Portraits

Stunning aerial photographs of your house, business or development

Sporting Events

All sporting and recreational events are catered for by our fully qualified pilots.

The Aston Martin DBS. Promotional Video

This month we were asked to create a short promo film for the chairman of the Aston Martin Owners Club UK. Yes, that’s right, chasing supercars with drones. We spent a few hours at the top of the Blorenge mountain in Pontypool. There are some incredible views and more importantly, very quiet... read more

Aerial Filming in Cardiff Castle – Aerial Photography Wales

We were asked to create a promotional film a few weeks ago for the the National Museum of Wales. They were holding an event by the Welsh National Opera in the museum and we were asked to create a short film showcasing the day. We covered the event with multiple cameras and created an interview based film that will be posed shortly. For the opening sequence of the film I suggested that we try and get come aerial filming done of the museum as this always gives the promo film that added production value. After liaising with Cardiff Council’s film unit they suggested that the best place to fly from that will allow us to adhere to the minimum distance rules would be the grounds of Cardiff Castle and Bute Park. We got to the Castle at sunrise so that it was still closed to the public and managed to grab some fantastic shots for the promotional film. While we were there we took the opportunity to grab some aerial photographs of the Cardiff and the castle. Here are some of the... read more

Chasing rally cars around Walters Arena – Glynneath

This is a little snippet from a day out that we had last week at Walters Arena in Glynneath. We were asked to film some aerial footage of a testing day for a Belgian rally team. They were out all day racing their MK1 and MK2 Escorts around a forest rally stage just outside of Merthyr. It was certainly a challenge for us as these rally cars are extremely fast and certainly faster than even our most rapid drones. It was essential that we used a two operator setup. A pilot to control the drone and a camera operator tracking the cars. As you can see this method can capture some truly stunning footage. The dust, even though it provided some incredible scenes, was relentless and we spent a few days after cleaning the equipment, vans and ourselves.... read more


Aerial Photography Wales helped us create a promotional video for our new website. Their professionalism was outstanding and the finished film was simply stunning. A big thanks to Aerial Photography Wales, we’ll definitely be working with you again soon.


Michael Mccabe

Director, Clecs Media Ltd.

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CAA Qualified & Insured Pilots

All of our pilots are CAA approved aerial photographers. Before every commission a full off-site and on-site risk assessment is carried out. Also, before every flight careful planning and safety checks ensure that we work to the highest standards of Health and Safety.

State of the art equipment.

We have a fleet of RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) that allows us to fulfil any size of aerial photography or videography contract. They are maintained by professional engineers to the highest standards to ensure they operate safely and reliably during every flight.

Professional Media Editing

We have a professional editing suite at our Cwmbran office that handle all of our media productions. Our editors have many years of creative experience in the media industry

Flexible Bookings

We understand that the British weather can play a big part when reserving a photographic commission. We always remain flexible with our bookings and can reschedule at a customer’s request.

Aerial Photographer Wales

Based in South Wales, we serve Wales, the UK and Europe. If you have a job the is outside of this region, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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